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Explaining Scorpio: the shield of Mars. 🦂

Among the misunderstood signs, Scorpio is in the top 3.

Understanding Astrology is, popularly, difficult, because we have unlearned the act of observing, paying attention and remaining silent - interestingly Scorpio matters.

The fact is that the astrological tangle really becomes more complex without having a hermetic perspective on life, but it is not absolutely essential, if you have this sensitivity to observe the phenomena and rules of Nature.

People are scared by Astrology, because it deals with stars, planets, stars, forms beyond our daily reach, but the truth is that such magnanimous and unreachable planets are just symbolic representations of the phenomena of Nature (and for this equation to work you need to believe in a Cosmic Consciousness that created the world - God). Nothing more or less.

To make even more sense, we need, in addition to understanding, ACCEPT the duality of this world we live in: where there is light, there is shadow and this applies to planetary symbolism as well. Where there is love (Venus), there is war (Mars).

In all Astrological Charts we will have the dual dance between benefits and harms that do not necessarily carry the cross of value judgment, because that is just how Nature works here. Planet Earth is an imperfect dimension, Nature is beautiful and hostile at the same time, we can have volcanoes in the same country, like forests that nourish an entire ecosystem. It is in this simple subtlety that Astrology works. Therefore, each planet will control some matters of this Nature and branch them into symbols or signs.

Getting straight to the point, let's look at the planet Mars.

Mars is (among many) the symbolic representation of a primitive challenge of this world: survival - the need for survival of any living being is the motivating energy of everything, which is why Mars is associated with drive, strength and impetus, because it is with these energies that we survive, advance and conquer. In Nature we have two possibilities to survive: kill or defend ourselves, branching out from this idea we have the signs of Aries and Scorpio , which originally belong to Mars.

Aries is the active force, therefore it is the one that kills to survive; "killing" will not always be literal here, and can also be symbolic: to open paths/opportunities/cures you need to destroy/kill/cut/eliminate what is in front of you.

Scorpio is the negative force, so it is the one that defends itself to survive and this is where we will break down this sign.

We need to remember that defending yourself is not dodging, fleeing or not fighting back (we are talking about martial symbolism), defending is preserving your life. Through what means? The most effective and, possibly, fatal.

For us to preserve something as valuable as our own life (or that of something/someone), we need some degree of technicality and cleverness: the process starts from observing your surroundings and learning from them, it greatly favors a dark place when your motivation is defend oneself, as it is the blind spot of those who depend only on the senses at hand; darkness is a place of fear, therefore no one goes where they cannot see the danger. The dark provokes instinct and premonition, whoever uses it to their advantage will know how to be persistent enough for the final attack.

Preserving, therefore, requires elaborate refinement in the face of a frontal attack, it requires strategy.

Therefore, Mars (drive for survival) will be divided into the symbology (sign) of defense and preservation, I have already summarized some points of this sign here:

  • Observation

  • Insight

  • Perseverance

  • Instinct

  • Silence

  • Technique

  • Fear

  • Strategy

  • Preservation

  • Defense

  • Fulminant

Having a Mars in Scorpio in the Natal Chart tells about your high survival drive that can be applied through these meanings in various areas of your life. It is also interesting to understand the Scorpio animal itself to understand this sign, as its behaviors offer all the signs of what the Scorpio symbolism of nature that we all possess is like.

It's worth remembering that not everything is rosy: Scorpio is still a sign ruled by a malefic/challenging star and, therefore, has degrees of suffering and combat. Signs linked to survival indicate the ability to subvert challenging moments in life, but this does not mean to cancel such moments, that is, if there are many active signs of survival in your Chart, this is an indication of moments of intense suffering, lack, pain, fear, cowardice, struggle and somatizations.

The need to survive is to be on constant alert; How stressful is this for your body and emotions? We run the risk of accumulating trauma and drowning in dense sorrows. Emotional stability is not about keeping resentment fixed. To live under fear is to be passive to it.

Scorpio is a sign of wisdom and terror, after all.

Finally, I refute that Scorpio is NOT a sign of sex and deep love - this is a matter of Venus - nor death and rebirth - death is a matter of both malefics and rebirth is of the Sun - Scorpio is a face of nature that we all possess: instinctive preservation of whatever it takes to survive.

Note: the planets are the ones who will give the direction of someone's life and not the sign that only serves as their clothing and tool. Venus in Scorpio is different from Mars or Sun in Scorpio and Sun in Scorpio will probably talk more about your father than you.

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