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Astrology is a language that translates your Destiny.

Solaris Astrology was born from a particular moment of mine in search of existential meaning (as happens for everyone), exactly during my Saturn Return. Astrology enters my life as a rupture of personal paradigms and I begin my studies in 2021, finishing it in 2023 (which is impossible , as Astrology is the study of a lifetime).

Solaris comes from the Sun that resides on my Ascendant and controls a large part of my Natal Chart. The Sun, in Classical Astrology, represents the oracular office itself, cosmic consciousness, light, knowledge, the Spirit and clarity about things.


Born in São Paulo, rising in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. I'm 33 years old, I have a degree in Communication and I've been working with creativity and design for over 10 years. In the corporate world I was recognized for my work and I seek the same in the esoteric field.


I have been working with Astrology since 2022, I'm graduated in Traditional Astrology and I'm a specialist in predictions.


  • I am initiated into Reiki (level III) and Akashic Records.

  • Currently in training at IMA, with Halu Gamashi.

  • Tarot enthusiast ( services coming soon ).

  • I work with magic and astrological rituals.

I'm married, mother of Ellie (dog) and I love cooking, I'm a fanatic about healthy eating/nutrition.

I follow adogmatic spirituality, but I have deep respect for all religions.


It is a great pleasure to welcome you here!

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